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Hello from Brian & Jenny

Welcome! And thanks for visiting our site!  We are passionate about our family and traveling together.  We would love to share our traveling stories and encourage other families to build strong connections and create lasting memories through travel.  We enjoy traveling so much that we aim to work less and travel more.  We have generated passive income over the past several years through real estate investments and we would love to teach you to do the same.  Through our real estate invest blogs and upcoming ebook you can learn to safely invest and earn extra income or replace your entire income with passive income from real estate.  No need to quit your day job either!  This is something you can do on the side while you build your passive income base. Sign up for our email list below (we won't send you junk) so you can be notified when we post a new blog and you won't miss anything.

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We also have a ministry website where we teach people to win their inner battles so they can live the lives that God has planned for them.  Click the link below if you are interested in learning more.