Jennifer Fisher Gregg
Jul 5, 2018

Budget ideas for lodging


Edited: Jul 5, 2018

One great way to cut costs on hotels is to not stay at a hotel. Think of friends or family members that live near the place you want to visit. Even if you drive a few hours out of the way to stay at a free place its well worth the savings on a hotel fee. We try to ask well in advance and thank them. Then we can return the favor someday for them and its a win-win. What are some ways you save money on lodging?

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  • Brian & Jenny
    Jul 4, 2018

    Our kids will say we are too frugal but I can't help but smile when they compare prices on the value menu at a fast food place and say, "wow, I can get almost the same burger for 1/2 of the cost if I order from the value menu". Our kids are learning at an early age to pay less for the same thing if you can find a deal. Our everyday and travel lives both include paying less for food if we can. There are times when eating at a theme park and paying more makes sense and we will do that if we have to. If we are forced to eat at an expensive place we split meals or order side items that cost less. We always pack lots of snacks from home too so we can snack and hold off until we can find a better food option if we are in an expensive area. On most travel days we eat fast food and order from the value menu. Fast food is nice too because it's the same everywhere and we know what everyone likes or dislikes on their menus. After a few days of fast food it seems wise to eat a few healthy meals and when that time comes we have a few good options. For a healthier and cheaper food option we head to Walmart or other grocery store and buy a couple of the long sub-sandwiches, some fruit and some chips. We also restock our snack supply when we make a trip to a grocery store. What are some of your ideas for cutting costs on food?
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