Disney Budget Disney Big Podcasts

Our family lives in a small town in Western Colorado and I (Jenny) found some local friends who love Disney vacations as much as our family does.  When we got to talking about Disney and how we like to do our vacations we discovered we do things very differently on our Disney vacations.  So my friend Leah and I decided our conversations would make a great podcast.  Join us as we compare notes and share all of our tips for Disney vacations and how to do them on a budget or go big. Follow us on Instagram, on our blogs and join our brand new facebook community as well!

         Podcast #1 - What We Bring to the Disney Parks

         Podcast #2 - Pros and Cons of Staying on Disney Property at Disney World

         Podcast #3 - Pros and Cons of Staying on Disney Property at Disneyland

         Podcast #4 - Park Hoppers and Fastpasses at Disney World

         Podcast #5 - Park Hoppers, Fastpasses and MaxPass at Disneyland


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