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National Museum Membership that Saves You Money all Across the USA

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

We love deals! We recently found an amazing #MuseumMembership that is a great way to #SaveMoneyOnTravel. This membership has saved us hundreds of dollars in the past six months. This #GreatDeal sounds too good to be true, right? Don't worry, we've tested this deal and it really is as good as it sounds. So now you are wondering, "What is this great deal?" It is the Travel Passport Program with the Association of Science and Technology Centers (ASTC).

How Does This Museum Membership Work?

First, you purchase a Travel Passport for the ASTC at any of the over 600 museums in the association. The museums in the association are located all across the United States, a few are in Canada and some are in other countries as well. Next you take proof of that membership to any of the other museums in the association and you get in free of charge (check the ASTC website for details on each museum). The only rules for the pass are that the museums you can get into for free have to be at least 90 miles away from the museum where you purchased your membership and they also have to be 90 miles away from your residence. The passport is really designed to be used when you travel. You can get more details at: ASTC Travel Passport Program. We can't wait to visit as many of the museums in ASTC as possible in the next year. We purchased our membership just before a trip to the visit family on the front range of Colorado so we tested it out by visiting 3 museums that were in the ASTC and I wanted to highlight them in this blog. I also added our FREE city travel family packing list at the end of this blog so be sure to grab that as well.

We had a great time visiting museums on the front range of Colorado on our most recent family trip and we saved a lot of money on entrance fees with our ASTC Passport Membership.

Space Foundation Discovery Center

This museum is free for one or two adults and all of their children under age 17 with the ASTC Passport Membership. It is located in Colorado Springs, CO and it is only a few minutes from the beautiful Garden of the Gods Park, which is a registered National Natural Landmark so we visited both places in one day. My favorite thing about this museum was all of the wonderful volunteers there that were eager to answer questions and help kids explore the wonders of space science. This kids really loved the area with huge foam blocks where they could build creations and let their imaginations and engineering skills shine. #SpaceFoundationDiscoveryCenter

Garden of the Gods Park near the Space Foundation Discovery Center

It's free and fun to drive through the Garden of the God's Park and it was just a few minutes from the space museum in Colorado Springs. People also enjoy climbing, biking, jeep tours, hiking and more in this beautiful scenic area. #GardenoftheGodsPark

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Fort Collins Museum of Discovery

This museum is free for all members of one family living in the same household with the ASTC Passport Membership. We have visited this museum before and our kids love it every time. Our big kids really enjoy learning to play instruments so they stuck to the music area. Our younger kids tried everything in the museum and had a lot of fun. Our young kids probably enjoyed the section with the huge wooden train set and a big tree the most. #FortCollinsMuseumofDiscovery

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Denver Museum of Nature and Science

This museum is free for two adults and their children with the ASTC Passport Membership. They have special exhibits a couple of times per year and IMAX movies as well. Separate event tickets are needed for those things. We have been to this museum several times and our kids really enjoy it. This time we wanted to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit but it was too late the day that we got there so we did the VR Arcade instead. Our kids really enjoyed the VR Arcade and it was worth the extra fees for them to do a couple of the things there. In the past we have visited the Discovery Center and the Space Odyssey and they were both great for kids. #DenverMuseumofNatureandScience

Colorado Model Railroad Museum

This museum is not part of the ASTC program so we had to pay the entrance fee here (actually Grandpa and Grandma did) but if you are in the Greeley, CO area this is a must see museum. Our kids loved it and so did the adults! The best part for the big kids was finding all of the items in the "Eye-Spy" Game. The museum hands out papers with items that can be found on the train displays such as a blue outhouse or a fallen tree. When you find the item you check it off the list. This activity kept our older kids busy for a long time and they completed the whole list. Then the museum volunteers graduated them to the Extreme "Eye-Spy" version of the game and this entertained them for another hour or so. Our youngest kids loved the real train caboose, the small wooden train set and a lego table at the museum. It was a fun morning for everyone. #ColoradoModelRailroadMuseum

Museum of Natural Curiosity in Lehi, UT

Earlier this year we visited a great kids museum in Utah that is also part of the ASTC Passport Membership. For more details about this children's museum in Lehi click here: Museum of Nartural Curiosity in Lehi, UT we highly recommend a visit to the #MuseumofNaturalCuriosity

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Free Packing List

I have created a free download with our travel checklist for city trips (see below). On this city packing list I have combined our 10 essential items for every family trip on the left and our 10 essential items for Disney Parks on the right. A day at a Disney theme park and a day sightseeing in a city are pretty similar in terms of things you will need to bring. You can refer to our packing blogs for more explanation of each item on the list: 10 things we bring on every family trip and 10 things to bring to Disney Parks. Some of these things will only be necessary in the car or at your hotel such as movies and pool stuff but you won't need them while you are sightseeing in a city. Some of the items on the essentials list like snacks, a great camera, and first aid supplies should be on your list of things to bring with you on any family outing. All 20 items are great to bring along for most any family trip.

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