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LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Other Fun Family Things to do in Kansas City

Last summer we spent a long weekend in #KansasCity and had a great time. Our kids loved the Lego Discovery Center and they can't wait to visit another one! We found some other great things for families to do in KC as well that we wanted to highlight. Also, be sure to grab our FREE city trips for families packing list at the end of this blog so you can be prepared for your next family trip.

#1 - LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center is is our top pick for something fun to do with a family in Kansas City. We have visited the LEGOLAND park in California several times and our kids thought the Discovery Center was a close second to the full park in California. The Legoland Discover Center has many Lego building activities, a few rides and a huge model of Kansas City made entirely of LEGO bricks.

Our top pick for a family activity in Kansas City is the LEGOLAND Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium.

Our kids spent more than an hour building cars out of LEGO bricks and racing them down the Racers Build & Test track. The LEGO building might have been our kid's favorite activity. We also enjoyed the rides at the Discovery Center. They have a ride through where you shoot at targets called Kingdom Quest. They also have the Merlin's Apprentice ride where you fly up in the air and the kids really loved that. There was a huge LEGO model of Kansas City and some of the most iconic features of the city were all built from LEGO bricks. The models even had a nighttime display so they lights in the room would slowly dim and the buildings would light up as if it was nighttime in the city. It was really cool! Our kids really enjoyed the Kansas Speedway that was constructed of LEGO bricks because there were cars that really raced around the track and the onlookers got to push the "go" buttons.

There is an option to purchase a combo ticket so you can visit the Discovery Center and Sea Life Aquarium on the same day. You can check online for current deals. We debated about the combo ticket but we found a coupon on a travel brochure on the rack in our hotel lobby so we decided to do the combo option. Then the lady at the ticket counter at the Discovery Center had an even better coupon that was available for every entry fee that day so the combo was a great deal. Our kids really enjoyed the Sea Life Aquarium exhibit as well. They got to touch some fish in the shallow touch pool and we all got to see an octopus crawl across the front of her tank. It was a great family activity all around. You can see all of our highlights by scrolling through the photos below. Just click the right arrow button and it will take you through them all.

If you click the affiliate links below or on the sides for LEGOLAND Discovery Centers you can find locations all across the USA where kids and parents can enjoy a lot of Lego fun together!

#2 - The National WWI Museum and Memorial

This is our number two pick for a fun family activity in KC. We have studied WWI and WWII through our homeschool curriculum so going to the National WWI Museum and Memorial was a great way to see some of the things we have learned about. The museum had a lot of artifacts on display such as uniforms, weapons, vehicles an airplane and more. One of the things we most enjoyed seeing was a replica of a WWI trench. When studying WWI we learned a lot about how the soldiers fought from trenches and this museum had built a trench replica so we could actually see what it would have been like to live in and fight from a trench. The museum also had a neat timeline of the war and they talked a lot about how and why the USA got involved in the war. There was a movie about WWI that was interesting and informative as well. Another highlight of the museum, and maybe our favorite part, was the observation tower that overlooks Kansas City. You ride an elevator way up to the top of the Liberty Memorial tower and the views from the top are amazing. The view from the top is unforgettable.

#3 - Jack Stack BBQ and Shopping at Country Club Plaza

We did a little research to find the best BBQ in Kansas City and Jack Stack seemed to be the place most people agreed was number one. We chose to eat at the one in the Country Club Plaza shopping district because that area is another popular sight to see in Kansas City. Our review is that the food at Jack Stack was delicious and the shopping district was beautiful. The buildings boast a unique Spanish style and it was fun to see the stores and walk around a bit. We highly recommend both the BBQ and the shopping district as our third thing to do in KC with your family.

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#4 - Visit the 24/7 Worship and Prayer Room at IHOPKC

Our reason for traveling to Kansas City last year was to visit the famous International House of Prayer church. This church has been hosting 24 hours per day/7 days per week prayer since September of 1999. We attended a Friday night and Sunday morning service at the main church building and we visited this prayer building about four times during our three day stay in KC. We brought our kids to the prayer room one of the times we were there and the kids really enjoyed being there too. The feel inside this prayer room is amazing! There was live worship each time we visited and many people were in the prayer room praying even very early or very late at night. You can check out this prayer room through live stream on the internet anytime as well. If you are planning a trip to KC you will want to add the prayer room to your list of things to do with your family while you are there.

Bonus Ideas for Family Fun in Kansas City

If we return to KC we would love to visit the Kansas City Zoo and the Worlds of Fun amusement park. They both look like wonderful family destinations. If you are in KC during football or baseball season taking in a game or two would be a great way to spend time with your family as well.

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