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Short Trip Tips and The Lehi Museum of Natural Curiosity

Updated: May 30, 2020

Are you limited on days off or on a tight travel budget? A day trip or a single overnight trip might be your key to finding the joy of travel. We recently enjoyed an overnight trip to the #SaltLakeCity area in Utah and we wanted to share our tips for an overnight trip. We also want to highlight the Museum of Natural Curiosity in Lehi, Utah and let you know why your family might want to visit this fun family place (#MuseumofNaturalCuriosity,#destinationfamilies).

Museum of Natural Curiosity Airplane

Did you know any destination within a couple of hours of your home can be a day trip? And any destination within about five to six hours of your home can be a nice one night trip. Take a map and draw a circle of everything you can reach by car within a couple of hours and another circle of things you can reach within 5 or 6 hours and these are your short trip destinations.

Any destination within about five or six hours of your home can be a nice one night trip.

On our over night trip to the Salt Lake City area we left on a Thursday around 11am and drove to Ogden, UT (about a 6 hour drive from our house). We arrived just in time for a quick bite to eat and attended a special church service at 7pm that night. We stayed overnight in Ogden at a hotel we found for a great deal on Priceline ($56+fees). The next morning we enjoyed the free hotel breakfast and decided we wanted to go to the Museum of Natural Curiosity that day (#LehiUtah, #familyfun, #kidfriendly). We considered going to the aquarium but we had been to the Museum of Natural Curiosity a few years ago and our kids loved it so they voted to go back there and save the aquarium for another trip. The Curiosity Museum is designed for younger kids but our older kids liked it too. I wouldn’t recommend this place if you only have teenagers but if you have kids of all ages like us then it works really well. We spent $105 for the entry fee at the Curiosity Museum for 2 adults and 4 kids (we have since learned a tip that would have made this museum free! See our blog about the best tip ever for saving money on museum visits). We bought a late lunch at El Pollo Loco for $25 before driving home. We arrived back at our house around 10pm on Friday. It was a wonderful overnight trip packed with fun for a reasonable cost and it only took a day and a half. I hope this gets your wheels turning to think of places where you can do a short trip and make some memories with your family. We’ll post more travel tips and highlights soon! Please follow us on our Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube. Look for more #TravelTips, encouragement and #TravelInspiration to create special memories for your family.

***A few months after our visit to the Lehi Museum of Natural Curiosity we joined the ASTC Travel Passport Program and this museum is on the list so next time we can get discounted admission and save even more money on a short trip. For more information on this awesome museum membership with locations all around the USA please check out our blog about museum membership that saves money all across the USA.

Top 10 Things to Try at the Museum of Natural Curiosity

#1 - Explore ancient ruins and climb to the top of the rainforest to get a view from the airplane

#2 - Get wet and have fun splashing and exploring at the Water Works

#3 - Play in the Discovery Garden outside and climb on the spider web

#4 - Be a mechanic and fix a car at the auto shop

#5 - Make yourself look goofy in the fun house projection screens

#6 - Doctor animals at the Veterinary Hospital

#7 - Make a movie on a green screen

#8 - Make a movie at the stop motion area

#9 - Feed the fish outside in the ponds in the Discovery Garden

#10 - Write and perform your own music in the music rooms

We wish your family many happy adventures and thanks for visiting! Be sure to check out our favorite blog about the 10 essentials for every family trip and download your free family travel packing list while you're there too. If you're looking for a great pair of vans click here.

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