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Our Review of Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Updated: Feb 25, 2020

If you haven't been to the newest addition to Disneyland and Disney World I wanted to share our thoughts about it and give you some tips for your visit to this magical place. This is our recap and review of Galaxy's Edge from our most recent trip in October of 2019. First of all let me say that this new land is as amazing and immersive as you would have imagined it would be. From the moment you enter it is clear that you have been transported into a Star Wars movie.

There is a replica of the Millennium Falcon that will blow your mind! The pro photographers will take your pic and you can download it with a Maxpass. Our photo by the Falcon turned out so cool! I've already printed a copy for each of the boys.

There are characters roaming the land ready to interact with guests. We got the best birthday gift ever for our little guy when Chewbacca took his hand and walked with him for a bit (see video below). So cool! They also had amazing merchandise and a whole row of shops to explore. My kids really wanted the ugly frog thing shown in the video below but it was so ugly I just couldn't buy it, ha!

The only ride currently in Galaxy's Edge is Smuggler's Run and it is spectacular (see video below) Each guest has a job in completing the mission and if you push the right buttons or fail to push them it affects the story you see and the score you receive at the end. My boys are experienced gamers so we did pretty well. All those hours of game practice paid off 🤣🤪

A second ride will open Dec 5th in Florida and January 17th in California. It's called Rise of the Resistance and it is promised to be equally as wonderful and immersive as Smuggler's Run. We saw the entrance (see photo below) and it looks amazing. Guess we'll have to plan another trip soon to experience the new ride, ha!

The only thing in Galaxy's Edge that wasn't a total home run for us was the food at the Cantina. It looked amazing (see photo below) but it tasted odd. The Mac and cheese was normal but the other food tasted like authentic alien type stuff, ha! We are American cheeseburger type of eaters so we'll eat in Fantasyland next time 😉 But if you like strange flavors the Star Wars food might really delight your taste buds.

Are you a Star Wars fan? Have you been to Galaxy's Edge and if so what was your favorite part?

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